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Pro bono

социальная ответственность
Since 2017, Legal art is a corporate partner and participant in a mentor programme and a Master's degree scholarship programme for students of the Law Faculty, St Petersburg State University


социальная ответственность
Legal art Attorneys at Law provide legal assistance to public and non-profit associations and organisations that are unable to afford consulting services.

Our expert team supports burgeoning and ambitious culture and art projects on a pro bono basis.

Our legal assistance extends to a St Petersburg art club, a unique project to integrate art in office space, and copyright and intellectual property matters.


pro bono
In 2014, we launched a critical project "A Card Index of Commercial Court Cases" to save the E-Justice System contents. The judicial reform jeopardised the existence of the System. All information about this project is available at the following link: http://закартотеку.рф. 


социальная ответственность
Legal art
complies with the Code of Conduct for Attorneys and seeks to build up the prestige of the lawyer’s profession by supporting lawmaking and institutional initiatives of key attorney organisations. 

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